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The Future of Fragrance

Smell is the closest sense tied to memory. It is no coincidence our signature fragrances will either take you back to that special place or help create new homes for your future nostalgia to live. Our candles provide a multi-sensory experience inspired by the subtle scents of nature you've always wanted to bottle up and take with you.

The problem we set out to solve is simple - too often do we pick up a candle that smells amazing, only to find out that the scent, when lit, isn't half as strong as imagined. We know you find this unacceptable - and as fragrance obsessives, we couldn't agree more!


Carefully hand crafted in our Brooklyn pouring studio, all of our candles are made of 100% natural (American grown) soy bean wax and fill the room with your favorite long lasting scents. Our eco-friendly wicks are constructed of all natural flat cotton, interwoven with paper threading to produce a consistent flame and ensure an even burn throughout. For fragrance, each candle is infused with pure essential oils. No additives or preservatives are used in any of our products. All jars and containers are 100% recyclable.

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